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illumino - Beyond mere typesetting.
Illumino is an XML publishing system able to leverage industry standards such as eXtended Markup Language (XML) and Portable Document Format (PDF) with the unmatched output quality of TeX/LaTeX.

Illumino is a technology integrating the high quality TeX/LaTeX document preparation system, used by major publishers around the world, with standard technologies.
Illumino is based on standard technologies and has its core in the DocBook XML format and included XML standards, such as Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
The system has been built featuring all experiences collected during many years of work, with the need to address and streamline all production hurdles accompaining full text XML workflows in particular and publishing in general.
For an SVG graphical illustration of the illumino workflow through illumino-remote, please follow this link. If you're not able to visualize this image properly, please switch to Mozilla Firefox.

Latest news on development effort can be found in the following timeline. The source is in rss format and you can subscribe at illumino development feeds:

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